The magic of green tea

The magic of green tea

Britain is undeniably a nation of tea lovers. According to the Grocer Magazine*, only 12% of us say we never touch a drop, with 45% of us slurping 2-5 cups a day! 

Britain's favoured tea is English breakfast tea, a blend of black teas taken with milk and often sugar. However, with the rise of a more health-conscious population, green tea is now much more widely-drunk and not just because of its health benefits – it tastes great too. 

Often people complain that green tea is too bitter but this is either because the quality is low or it hasn't been prepared correctly. Green tea should be brewed with water heated to 80-85 degrees centigrade and definitely not steeped too long. This way, it is a delicious, smooth, energising drink and can vary in its taste profile depending on how it is processed after picking and according to the terroir – rather like wine. 


Delightfully different – our green teas

At MDTea, we have a range of green teas including a selection of single estate and blends. Our blends range from lemon and ginger to subtle chocolate taste to a fruity raspberry and beetroot.

All of them combine beautifully with green tea for a balanced and satisfying cup. 

Our selection of single estate green teas include the delightfully different Hojicha, a roasted tea, low in caffeine, so a great choice for a little afternoon recharge without over stimulating. Our Lung Ching Dragonwell is grassy, vegetal and smooth and a wonderful introduction to the green tea world. 

Whatever your choice, green tea is known for its antioxidant benefit, can help with heart health, stimulate metabolism and boost your immune system. Because it is drunk without milk or sugar it does not have any calories. 

What will keep you coming back for more, however, are the wonderful tastes and aromas across the range of this delicious drink.

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