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Single Estate Roasted Japanese Bancha green tea

Hōjicha Roasted Green Tea

Hōjicha Roasted Green Tea

Roasted Japanese Bancha green tea. Its light reddish-brown liquor is wonderfully soothing and nutty with an almost caramel fragrance and flavour.
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Roasted Japanese Bancha green tea

Brewing guide

Add 3g of tea to 220ml of water, infuse at 85°c for 2-3 mins

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Hōjicha Roasted Green Tea

Hojicha or Hojicha, is a delightful roasted Bancha which is a Japanese green tea. Its appearance, aroma and flavour are like no other green tea. Bancha means everyday tea and consists of the leaves and the stalks of the tea plant which means it is not thought of as very refined. However, it makes the tea very accessible and roasting gives it a quality that makes it seem quite special.

The idea of roasting the leaves was invented in Kyoto in 1920, possibly by a tea merchant who roasted a surplus stock of older green leaves he was worried would go off and did not want to waste. The result was a tea that has proved it can hold its own and the wonderful toasty smell was certainly tantalizing and popular enough to continue to be produced as a new category of tea.

Its roasted aroma has been compared to coffee, though it has to be said it is not going to match an espresso in intensity! The roasting effect has a decaffeinating effect on the leaves which means you are not going to get a coffee buzz either. However, it does mean it works well as an after-dinner drink or for those who prefer a lower caffeine drink, without crossing over to infusions. For the occasional cup, it can be a good option for pregnant woman.

Customer Reviews

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Hojicha is the best

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t drink any tea but this one. And now more than 7 years later, it is still my favourite tea. The roasted taste makes it feel full bodied, and it isn’t bitter like some green teas. It is also low caffeine (hence being a pregnancy favourite) so you can drink it an any time of day. This hojicha has a lovely taste. Thank you!

Super delicious flavour

This is great. It reminds me of my trip to a small tea house in Tokyo where they serve roasted green tea with those delicious hazelnut cakes.