Our Story

MDTea was created when our search for inspiring, quality loose leaf teas to sell in our newly opened tearoom was becoming a little frustrating. We were looking for interesting blends that could be drunk every day and would appeal to traditionalists and connoiseurs alike. Nothing was hitting the spot, so we looked to creating our own blends and putting our own stamp on the tea industry. With the help of an established master blender we fashioned our range to give an exciting brew for every taste and occasion. Our teas become so popular we realised we couldn't keep them to ourselves and our online shop was born. We then began to supply other cafes, restaurants and hotels in line with demand.

MDTea set out to reinvigorate the tradition of tea, initially crafting a bespoke range of 15 loose leaf teas and now selling over 25 blends along with some carefully selected single origin teas.
Tea is often left behind in the hot drinks market, when put against it's more trend focused, fashionable cousin, coffee, but people are now becoming more discerning with their choice of tea and are rightfully demanding a better cup. We think our blends satisfy the most discerning tea drinkers.

Our range also includes more health focused, naturally decaffeinated infusions and is taking tea to exciting new places for a new generation of tea lovers. They invigorate, excite and engulf you in all manner of sensual drinking experiences, however you like your tea,

We believe each of our blends has a character all of their own and have named them accordingly, to reflect the nature of each and to make sure our teas are a talking point, not just because of their smell and taste. With names like The Devil Is A Woman and Deliciously Decadent, you certainly won't forgot them in a hurry.

Our teas and infusions use only the finest ingredients to ensure the quality of tea you receive is nothing but boutique.

We do our best to ensure we buy our ingredients from ethical sources and are committed to moving this forward in the future.

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