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Our Story

Launched in 2009 as an antidote to the bland blends and insipid infusions we were finding everywhere around us, MDTea set out to reinvigorate the tradition of tea, initially crafting a bespoke range of 15 loose leaf teas and infusions to bring a bit of excitement and glamour back to what had become little more than a daily dose of limp, caffeinated and coloured water for many. Tea's longstanding reign, was starting to lose its footing against its more trend focused and fashionable cousin, coffee. We thought that it was time to change things, and bring tea back to its rightful spot at the top, not in place of coffee, but standing shoulder to shoulder, as an equal option for the cool, creative, adventurous and engaged market that now existed out there, demanding a little more craft in their cups. In a world where artisanal is now a watchword, and the rituals and rewards of properly brewed beverages are respected and revered, it was time the tea world woke up, and so, we did.
Our range now boasts 23 world class infusions and with a few awards under our belt, we are once again pushing forwards, less of a revolution than an evolution, taking tea to exciting new places for a new generation of tea lovers. Pushing boundaries to discover the most beautiful blends and uncover exciting new infusions, to stimulate, invigorate, excite and engulf you in all manner of sensual drinking experiences. Whatever you want from your tea, we have a blend for every taste and occasion.
We believe each of our bespoke blends have a character all of their own, and so named them accordingly to reflect the nature of each infusion and give an insight into the thought processes for creating them. We feel the names, such as The Devil Is A Woman, Parisian Floral Calm or Rockafella Cleansing add an extra element of old world glamour and charm (a nod to our flagship 1930’s Parisian influenced Brighton tea salon, Metrodeco) as well as a window into the true character we were aiming for in our blends - Focused on the future, with one foot placed firmly in the exquisite glamour of days gone by.
Our infusions use only the best quality teas, blended with the best of botanicals, sourced from every corner of the globe. Ensuring the quality of our herbs, spices, flowers and leaves is our passion, and ensures the quality of tea you receive is nothing but boutique.
We do our best to ensure we source as many of our ingredients as possible from ethical sources and are committed to moving this forward in the future.