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Sri Lankan Uva and Indian Assam Black Tea

Chrysler Breakfast Tea

Chrysler Breakfast Tea

Bold, well rounded English Breakfast Tea. A strong and gutsy blend of Assam and Uva teas that form the perfect early morning pick-me-up or simply for those folks who like the spoon to stand up.
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Sri Lankan Uva and Indian Assam Black Teas

Brewing guide

Add 3g of tea to 220ml of water, infuse at 95°c for 3-5mins

Culinary notes

Perfect alongside a traditional English Breakfast, or any breakfast, sweet or savoury, for that matter, will always be enhanced by a good breakfast blend.

However, if you want an afternoon treat then it goes marvellously with gingerbread or carrot cake.

For a refreshing summer drink, cold brew with chilled water for 12 hours or overnight in the fridge add lemon and top up with soda or lemonade for a little sweetness.


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Chrysler Breakfast Tea

One of our most popular teas and for a reason. This stand-out English Breakfast tea really is what a morning cuppa is all about, but for those who like a traditional tea, it is one to be enjoyed any time of day.

Our blend is a combination of Assam and Sri Lankan Uva teas. Gutsy and robust and brimming with taste, this malty, full-bodied cuppa will leave other breakfast blends asleep and hiding under the duvet. The tea is made from whole leaves that have been chopped up using a method called CTC (cut, tear, curl) which gives the tea a bold taste and a quicker brew. The chopped-up leaves are to be distinguished from the ‘dust and fannings’ found in lower grade teabags.

If you have ever wondered what constitutes an English breakfast tea, it really is just a combination of different black teas, usually from Assam in India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. These can be in varying proportions, which makes each blend unique. Chrysler breakfast tea is a blend that can withstand and you could say be enhanced with milk. It is one of the only teas you can seriously add sugar to, for a true builder’s brew. However, I’ll take mine without thank you. If you like a plant-based milk, then we have found that cashew is the best for our Chrysler and most black teas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Perfect start to the day

I love my cuppa in the morning and this is very delicious indeed! Yummy

Gregory B
One awesome cuppa

I have been drinking this tea for 4 years now. This is the best breakfast tea ever. It even made me give up sugar. It's been a good consistent blend. Once you try this tea all other breakfast teas will be lacking in flavour.

The Best

If you like a cracking brew, this is the one. Perfect every time.

So great to hear you are a fan .It really does hit the spot, doesn't it!

Andrew Lee
Great taste

Had this tea in Brighton and had to find out where it came from and ordered some. It arrived the next day and we weren't disappointed. Beautifully presented product and a treat every time we have it !!

Marianna Lampard
Chrysler Tea

Absolutely love this blend. There is a delicate and delicious after taste. Makes me smile at my first sip. I had to buy more I was enjoying it so much and was hogging it. Loved the personal message written with the tea. Happy sipping.