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Uva Black Tea with Orange Peel, Rose Petals & Natural Bergamot

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

A refreshing take on the classic Earl Grey. This light and zesty black tea with a hint of bergamot and rose is the perfect little lift in the afternoon.
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Sri Lankan Uva Black Tea, Orange Peel, Rose Petals & Bergamot

Brewing guide

Add 3g of tea to 220ml of water, infuse at 95°c for 3-5mins

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Shades of Grey

We named this blend because it sits somewhere between a Lady Grey and an Earl Grey tea, though of course some have wondered if there is any link to the famous book and film. The number of times I have been asked for 50 Shades of Grey, without a hint of irony has made me smile.

But what are the origins of Earl Grey and why is our tea a little different. Bergamot is the defining factor in Earl Grey tea and it has been documented that it was used to cover up the flavour of low quality tea in the mid 1800s but, there are, in fact, many stories linked to its origin. Bergamot is a citrus fruit, which is too sour to be eaten, but imparts a wonderful oil from its skin and used in lots of culinary dishes.

Earl Grey tea is historically linked to Charles Grey a British Earl of the 1800s who was Prime Minister between 1830-1834. It can’t be disputed that he enjoyed this aromatic tea but how he was introduced to it is not entirely clear. The most likely, is the least romantic, in that a British envoy brought the tea back from China and he declared his love for it.

Though Keeman tea was used in this popular tea for many decades it is now more often a stronger black tea that is used. We use Sri Lankan UVA as it balances well with the bergamot oil.

Lady Grey tea was introduced by Twinings in the 1990s and incorporated lemon peel as well as orange peel into the classic Earl Grey. We have omitted the lemon and added rose to give a floral component to the blend that has been enjoyed by many aficionados of the original brew and is passionately loved by many of our customers.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful tea and amazing service

I am so impressed with the tea that Helen blended for me. It was based on Shades of Grey but tweaked a little. The result tastes gorgeous, was exactly what I was looking for and arrived even sooner than I expected. I would definitely recommend.

So pleased you enjoyed the tea. It was an interesting challenge to tweek the blend for you but I also loved the results.

Paul Tomkinson
Shades of grey

Excellent taste and quality

Cathy Harrison
Shades of grey

Lovely fragrance when I opened the packet.
Taste was very good, light and subtle flavours , very nice.

Mary-Louise Rowland
Shades of gray

Still very nice but not as distinctive a taste as last packet.

Richard Barnes
Many thanks