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South African Rooibos with Rhubarb & Vanilla

Terracotta Sunburst

Terracotta Sunburst

If you want a pudding without the calories try this rhubarb and vanilla rooibos that just bursts with fruit and custard flavours.
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South African Rooibos, Rhubarb & Natural Vanilla Flavours

Brewing guide

Add 3g of tea to 220ml of water, infuse at 95°c for 3-5mins

Culinary notes


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Terracotta Sunburst

This sensational fruity blend of rooibos, vanilla and rhubarb is often been described as a pudding in a cup. A caffeine-free infusion that tastes just as good as it smells. It is one of our best-selling brews and once tried it is never forgotten.

Rooibos is grown in South Africa and specifically, is indigenous to the Cederberg Mountains, three hours north of Cape Town. It flourishes in mountainous areas where there are periods of significant rainfall. It takes around 18 months to harvest and is manufactured in a similar way to the camelia synthesis plant.

It is a reddish-brown once oxidised and is often referred to as redbush. The more oxidised the sweeter and richer in colour it becomes. It is a member of the legume family and produces needle-like leaves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cathy Cave
Tasty tea

I enjoyed this tea the first time I had it at Metro Deco and it’s just as good at home ❤️

Suzanne Corps
Pudding in a cup

The smell of this tea is amazing, and the taste just as good.

Mrs Pia Warne
Thank you!

Totally delicious combination of flavours. A total ‘me time experience!

Sophie Forster
Terracotta Sunburst


Anne Marie WRIGHT

Because of its yummy pudding like flavour I don't need to add anything which is helping me lose weight!