Matcha tea: how to benefit from the health boost without drinking it

Matcha tea: how to benefit from the health boost without drinking it


Did you know you can incorporate matcha into your daily diet without drinking a single cup of tea? This is especially useful for people who want to reap the benefits but are not keen on the taste, which is quite strong and not everyone’s cup of tea!

Matcha is a Japanese green tea that has become very popular in the last few years – mainly due to its health benefits and versatility. So let’s have a little look at those health benefits before we get creative.

Health benefits of matcha tea

Matcha has a unique rich, grassy taste and a range of nutritional benefits. Its beautiful bright green colour and powdery appearance makes it incredibly attractive to look at too.

Different grades of matcha are available and generally the more vibrant the colour, the higher the quality. A better grade equates to a creamier taste and higher concentration of nutrients particularly amino acids.

Matcha is full of anti-oxidants which help you fight disease and are anti-ageing. It can stimulate the mind and improve concentration but is relaxing too, so promotes a calm alertness. It provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium and one serving of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of brewed green tea due to its concentrated form.

Creative ways to consume matcha tea

One of my favourite ways to enjoy matcha is in a smoothie. It feels such a vibrant way to start the day especially when blended with other health giving ingredients.

Follow this recipe for an energy boosting, delicious and nutritious smoothie.


spinach leaves




spirulina (protein, heart and brain function) and chlorella (for iron, detox and nerve function)

chia seeds (for omega 3 and fibre)



cashew nuts and sesame seeds

unsweetened apple juice

coconut water

(for extra sweetness add half a banana)


Another fabulous way to enjoy matcha is brewed with mint and fennel seeds. This is a great and tasty way to help reduce bloating too.

For a real comfort drink in the evening I love a mixture of matcha and cacao whisked into unsweetened almond milk. For sweetness I use honey or maple syrup.

How do you take your matcha? Share your creative ideas.

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