Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a premium quality green tea, ground down into a fine powder, for use in the preparation of tea, as well as an addition to foods, baking, smoothies, juices and more.

Unlike other green teas which can be sourced from around the world, Matcha green tea is unique to Japan, and as such is central to Japanese tea traditions. Celebrated for hundreds of years and the centre of their ceremonial tea culture.
Japanese Matcha green tea is shade grown, meaning that around 14 days prior to harvest, the trees are covered to restrict sunlight in these last few weeks, resulting in softer, sweeter and brighter leaves, which are then reflected in the final quality of the tea.

After harvesting the leaves are usually steamed and dried in hot ovens, then stems twigs and other unwanted parts are removed before the remaining leaves are stone ground, into a powerful and beautiful bright green powder, bursting with both a fine flavour and unrivalled health benefits.

In terms of taste, Matcha is often said to carry a sweeter or creamier quality than that of other green teas, it also tends to have an added ‘grassiness’ to both the taste and aroma.

In health terms, Matcha green tea is reported to have more of the beneficial bits found in other loose-leaf green teas, namely Antioxidants and Catechins, this is most likely due to the way it is produced but also the concentration of green tea consumed, because of it’s powdered form, tends to be higher.

The Catechins found in green tea can help to lower blood pressure and also lower Cholesterol, minimising the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.
Although the research is still ongoing, the Polyphenols and other antioxidants found in Matcha and other loose-leaf green tea have shown potential to help protect cells against cancer. Those same antioxidants can also work to combat inflammation, a major factor in all disease, but particularly apparent in conditions such as arthritis.
Matcha is an amazingly healthy addition to your daily diet, and can be used in so many amazing ways from a simple tea to a frothy matcha latte, added to smoothies or juices, stirred into yoghurt or sprinkled over the top of your favourite granola, oatmeal or breakfast.