Valentines Tea Infused Goji Berry Scones

Valentines Tea Infused Goji Berry Scones

With Valentine’s Day not so far away we thought it appropriate to give you a recipe that you can easily make at home, uses store cupboard ingredients and are always delicious to eat.

They form an essential part of an Afternoon Tea, so if you are thinking of preparing your own over Valentine’s weekend – and this year is an ideal opportunity with nowhere open to take your loved one - then this scone recipe will certainly give you huge brownie (or scone?) points for days to come.

Makes approx. 6 large or 8-10 mini scones


250g self raising flower

150ml Whole Milk

75g of salted butter - cold and cubed

75g of caster sugar

Squeeze of lemon juice

50g of goji berries 

A pot of tea brewed hot - we have used our Christmas Chai Rooibos, but any tea will be okay.

Vanilla essence or rose water

One egg beaten and halved.



Preheat the oven to gas 200c or 180c fan

Take your prepared pot of tea and pour onto the goji berries in a bowl and leave to soak for around 10mins, then drain.

Put the butter and flour in a bowl and rub between fingers to make breadcrumbs

Add in the sugar and the drained goji berries.

Put a squeeze of lemon juice into the milk along with a few drops of rose water or vanilla essence and half of the egg and pour into the breadcrumb mixture. Mix in lightly then put the dough on a floured surface and pat down to approx. 2.5 cm.

Using your chosen cutter - we used heart shaped for a Valentine’s theme - cut out your scones and put them on a baking tray. Just keep re-rolling your dough to use all the mixture.

Brush the scones with the remaining egg, pop them into the heated oven and bake between 12 and 15 mins, depending on the size. They will rise and want to be a golden colour when they come out.

Leave to cool a little and serve slightly warm as part of your Afternoon Tea, with clotted cream and jam. Or perhaps just with a spread of butter and your favourite brew.

So simple, so delicious - infact, they’re so good you might want to make more, so just double up the ingredients!






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