5 ways to Celebrate Yourself this Valentines day

5 ways to Celebrate Yourself this Valentines day

1. Write yourself a love letter

I know, I know, it sounds a little corny, but stay with me here. We're always quick to jump up and stick the boot in when we screw up or underperform, but often the last to acknowledge our own achievements (and trust me there will be a lot you're overlooking) when we succeed - So take some time, try to look at yourself through the lens of someone who loves you, what would they say are the best things about you? Write yourself a short note detailing 3 (or more) awesome things about yourself, or small achievements you've accomplished lately. When you're struggling, re-reading this can be a welcome boost and help you reframe things.

2. Take some time to pamper yourself

Set aside some serious me time. Whatever that looks like in your own life,  wether that's meditating with some candles and aromas, taking some time in nature, soaking in a hot bath, curling up with a cuppa and a trashy book or even firing up a Spotify playlist, turning up the volume and dancing round your bedroom in your pants. Whatever me time means to you today, make it count.

3. Make your favourite meal (or let Uber Eats go get it for you)

If you're a foodie like us, then there is little in life as satisfying as a well crafted food experience, and while restaurants are pretty much off the menu right now, that doesn't mean you can't get creative and craft an amazing meal in your very own kitchen. We recommend going big on this, treat yourself, buy the best ingredients you can afford, set the tone with candles, lighting, mood and music, grab a great bottle of wine and treat yourself to a gourmet experience in your own home - break out the cookbooks or find some mouth watering recipes online and get busy being the kitchen god(dess) thats hiding inside. Or, if you're not feeling it, let your fave local restaurant do the hard work and have it delivered to your door.

4. Craft a personal tea ritual

Now, granted, we may be a little biased here, but there is something so uplifting about setting aside some special care and attention for a proper personal tea ritual. First, find somewhere comfy or cozy to enjoy your tea, undisturbed. Next, take the time to carefully prepare your tea, finding your favourite teaware, pouring slowly, watching the leaves unfurl and infuse, taking time to smell the gentle aromas, let the cup warm your hands, as the steam rises gently off the surface, warming your face. Sipping slowly and mindfully, exploring and enjoying the delicate flavours in your cup, savouring not only the tea, but also the moment. A small escape with every cup. Bliss.

5. Find some time to Laugh, Dance and Smile

One of the most overlooked elements in our modern lives is joy, the little things that make us smile and are essential to our emotional wellbeing and social connection. Little bursts of joy can come in many forms, so find whatever it takes to let you laugh, smile, sing, dance or just let go and enjoy being silly for a while. Just try not being happy afterwards.

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