Drink Green | Feel Clean

Drink Green | Feel Clean

Why do people drink green tea? Is it for the health benefits or is it for the taste? While either one is a perfectly good reason, perhaps it is both.

I have heard many people say they don't like green tea because of its bitter taste. Well, green tea is only bitter if it is of poor quality and prepared incorrectly.

Quick Tea Tip - Put a little cold water on the leaves before adding boiling water so you don't scold the leaves.

It has also been described to me as a bit bland. This, of course, is personal preference but a good green tea is never bland and can be very flavoursome, if somewhat more subtle and nuanced than the average black tea. If more flavour is required then some additional flavours such as lemon and ginger not only bring an added zest but can pack some additional health benefits too. 

While talk of the benefits from drinking green tea is everywhere lately, an article in The Telegraph - 'Builders tea' loses out to green tea found that it is the young who are benefitting most from the health benefits of green tea, as they are currently the biggest consumers of this ancient Chinese remedy. With its high level of anti-oxidants, it can help fight off a wide range of illness and can help protect against dementia and cancer.

While these may be big claims, if you can find a green tea you like then you're already halfway there, why not sit back and enjoy the taste and hold out hope it is doing some good for your future health too, after all, what do you have to lose?

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