Our Best Bedtime Routine - 5 Steps For A Sound Night's Sleep

Our Best Bedtime Routine - 5 Steps For A Sound Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep is an essential, yet often neglected element in our modern lives. All too often, our sleep is relegated to the end of our list, and crammed into a tight little window of not enough time, going to bed in a wired or frazzled state, with a million mental todo lists spinning round inside our heads for the following day.
Sufficient sleep is an essential part of a good self care routine, and over time, provides endless benefits from improved moods and cognitive improvements, better weight and energy management, through to all round health and wellness benefits.
Start by setting yourself up for an early night in order to ensure enough time for a full and replenishing sleep. Maintaining a repeatable sleep schedule is also important, with consistent times for sleeping and waking, even on weekends if at all possible.

So without further ado…

Our 5 steps for an unbeatable bedtime routine and a sound nights sleep.

No. 1

One hour before bed, you need to switch off and put away all electronic devices. The blue light generated by screens on mobile, tablet and computer devices is extremely stimulating for your brain and can make unwinding and sleep very difficult.

No. 2
Turn the kettle on, and the world off. Brew yourself a warm fragrant cup of chamomile tea (our Parisian Floral Calm is a perfect way to finish your day).

No. 3
Curl up somewhere cosy with your chamomile in hand or head to bed and enjoy it with a good easy reading book.

No. 4
Last thing before you turn in, think of one thing that made today a great day, and drift off with that thought in mind. Gratitude is a great practice for those dreamy moments as you drift off to sleep.

No. 5
Rise refreshed and replenished, then rinse (your cup) and repeat this ritual on a regular basis, until your body and mind have built a nice new habit of restful and restorative sleep.

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