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Chinese Green Tea with Cacao Shells & Echinacea

Graham Greene and Chocolate

Graham Greene and Chocolate

Chinese green tea with a chocolatey difference. Blended with echinacea and cocoa shells for a sweet and malty taste sensation.
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Chinese Yunnan Green Tea, Cacao Shells & Echinacea

Brewing guide

Add 3g of tea to 220ml of water, infuse at 85°c for 2-3 mins

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Graham Greene and Chocolate

As a Brighton company, the name of this tea is a tribute to the author Graham Greene, who wrote the book Brighton Rock, hence a connection with our home city. With its literary theme, we envisage this tea as a great one to drink while engrossed in a good book, perhaps with a cheeky chocolate biscuit or two.

This interesting blend is for those who want a subtle taste of chocolate that doesn’t over-power the taste of the tea.

It is a perfectly balanced blend of Chinese Yunnan green tea and cacao shells. The addition of echinacea means it could give a little boost to your immune system too. Yunnan green tea is actually quite unusual as Yunnan is more well known for its black teas and Pu’erh. It has a sweet aroma, a grassy flavour and is smooth with minimal bitterness.

Cacao shells are often thought of as a waste product as it is the bean inside the shell that is prized and used to produce wonderful chocolate products that we love to eat.
However, the shells are a natural source of antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and zinc, and give a delicate chocolate taste of their own. Coupled with the fact they have no sugar and are calorie-free when infused, it is quite a satisfying cup.

Echinacea is native to North America and has been used in herbal remedies for centuries to support the treatment of a range of illnesses. It also adds a freshness and a slight floral hint to the blend.

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Sarah Ford

Light, flavoursome tea