Tea Cocktails: A taste of decadence

Tea Cocktails: A taste of decadence

If you thought our blends were just for drinking hot and poured straight from a teapot, then think again. Our teas can be used in many wonderful ways, from cold brews and cocktails to ice-creams and baking.

Today we're creating a cocktail, using our Deliciously Decadent blend, currently on special offer (in fuso bag form) in our online tea shop.

We call this cocktail Divinely Decadent and once you've taken a sip, you'll understand why. A definite summer drink to sip on a warm summer's evening.

Okay, to start you do need a bit of preparation. Infuse 50g ( or 15 fuso bags) of Deliciously Decadent tea in 70cl of vodka. Infuse for 24-48 hours then either sieve the loose leaves or take out the bags.

This is your base.

For a single serve

50ml of your infused vodka

10ml of Heston's alcoholic fruit cup ( or Pimms if you can't find a fruit cup )

50ml of grape juice

a squeeze of lime


soda water to finish.

fresh lime or dehydrated lime to garnish


Put all the ingredients  apart from the soda water into a cocktail shaker and shake


Pour into a cocktail glass or teacup and top with soda- we use glass teacups so you can see the pretty liquid and after all it is a tea cocktail.

Garnish with lime or other fruit.

Sip and enjoy.


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