The Brighton & Sussex Cookbook

The Brighton & Sussex Cookbook

While everyone enjoys a traditional brew, there's certainly more than one way to enjoy loose leaf tea. The lovely folks over at Metrodeco for example, make some delightfully decadent tea cocktails using our blends - and we can tell you first hand that they taste delicious.

So imagine our excitement when they told us they were using one of our blends to create a tea cocktail which would appear in the Brighton and Sussex Cookbook!  It is a great book championing a fabulous range of bakers, cooks, retailers, chefs and food and drink ambassadors from the area.

Here is a sneaky peak at one of the wonderful things to be found inside, Metrodeco’s recipe for their R
um based Chillito cocktail infused with our 'Some Like It Hot (& Cold)' which is a delicious mix of chilli, mint and fennel.

This book is available to buy from Metrodeco or you can get it right here now.

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