The Connoisseur's Cup

An elegant and exquisite collection of our finest and most prized infusions, sure to keep the aficionado in your family beaming from brew to brew. This exceptional gift box boasts a most salubrious selection, featuring five of the finest infusions in our range, essential brewing for any connoisseurs cup.

Iron Goddess of Mercy - 20g
Hand-rolled leaves of the very finest semi-oxidised Oolong tea. This smooth and creamy infusion rolls softly over your tongue, a true treasure of the tea world. Both simple and stunning.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha - 10g
The highest grade Japanese Tencha green tea, shade grown & stone ground to a fine powder for an exceptional cup that is bursting with goodness.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls - 20g
The finest hand-rolled leaves of green tea from the Fujian province luxuriously infused with sweet aromatic jasmine blossom.

Aged Pu-Erh - 20g
A highly prized, aged & fermented Chinese black tea. Deep, earthy and full flavoured, this speciality tea is widely regarded around the world.

Pink Pride - 20g
A delightful and delicate pairing of the most exclusive Jasmine infused Silver Needle white tea with fragrant rose petals.

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