Blends with Benefits Gift Set

Give the gift of feeling great this Christmas. Our curated collection of blends with benefits will calm and soothe and help sweep away your seasonal stresses. 

Liberty Spirit - 50g
A herbal detox blend with liquorice, milk thistle and burdock root, this tea is the tastiest way to feel good inside and out.

Golden Tumeric Revival - 50g

warming, golden coloured infusion bursting with ingredients that revive and soothe. It is aromatic and fresh with creamy notes. A lovely way to re-start your day.

Pu-erh Pick Me Up - 50g
Good for your gut and calming for the senses. Aromatic with an earthy, menthol taste and a cooling sweetness. The fennel and mint balance well with the Pu-erh for a delightfully unusual taste sensation.

Parisian Floral Calm - 50g
A beautiful, calming and aromatic chamomile finished with relaxing flowers to soothe away the daily stresses. A floral delight for all the senses and a perfect way to round off the day.

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