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Dan Jones | July 01, 2016

Tea is for Tennis

Well, with just over half of Wimbledon done, and the finals fast approaching at the end of the week, it's about time we let ourselves get into the spirit of things.

Whether your 15, 30, 40 or Cliff Richard, you can’t help but love all of the ace games, sets and indeed matches happening in and around the centre court at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club.

With all of the excitement going on around the highest point in the tennis calendar, after all a Wimbledon title is the jewel in the crown of the British umpire, we thought we’d rally together to take advantage of the situation, and make a point to match one of our blends to the occasion, and, while it's not exactly Strawberries and Cream, our naturally caffeine free rooibos infusion, Terracotta Sunburst, with its velvety mix of fruity rhubarb & creamy vanilla will get you about as close as possible in a convenient cup sized portion.

While the men and women battling it out one-on-one is always a spectacle to behold, there's nothing we like more than a mixed double, so for a slightly more exuberant yet still quintessentially British take on your post Tennis tea, why not try infusing one of our multi-dimensional tea blends (we recommend trying our Shades of Grey blend) with a double measure of gin and a splash of tonic, serve with ice and a slice, or maybe a squeeze of Lemon deuce? (sorry about that one, couldn't help it!). 

Too many Wimbledon/Tennis related words or phrases in one post you say?

Well, sorry if we got carried away, but it's not our fault, it's just so exciting we couldn’t help it.

To make up for it, we've decided to offer up a selection of our teas for free to one lucky reader who can tell us how many tennis references are in this post.

You can not be serious? Oh we're very serious, anyway, Ill get to the (Match)Point,

Simply count up all the tennis references in the post (we've even helped by making them bold for you), head over to our Facebook page, like our page, and leave a comment with the answer.  We will pick a winner at random after the final and notify them via Facebook. Good Luck.

New Balls Please!