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Welcome, pull up a chair, sit back and grab yourself a cup of something special.
Relax, unwind and let your mind wander with us for a few moments, and join us
on our everyday adventures into the world of tea.

The end of tea rationing – 62 years ago today!

Posted by Helen Taggart on

We drink over 165,000,000 cups of tea a day in the UK. Yes, despite the boom in the coffee industry with shops popping up on every high street, tea is still firmly the nation's favourite drink. It’s true that we probably go out more for coffee than we do for tea…but we certainly drink more tea at home. In fact, with the current trend for better quality loose leaf teas in cafés and restaurants (hip, hip, hooray!) we might soon see tea’s domination on both sides of people’s front doors. So it seems we really take our tea for granted...

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Hibiscus tea - the fashionable tea with health benefits

Posted by Michael Taggart on

By Michael Taggart Many people now know some of the health benefits of drinking tea – especially green and white tea –  but the new kid on the block is hibiscus tea. So is this fashionable tea just as healthy? A quick caveat: hibiscus tea is not really new and – strictly speaking – it’s not really a tea as it is not from the tea plant Camelia sinensis; it’s an infusion. But it is certainly growing in popularity, so let's take a look at what it is. Hibiscus tea: botany The hibiscus used in tea comes from the green part...

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