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Helen Taggart | October 09, 2014

Presenting....our loose leaf tea flasks

Loose leaf tea flask

We've been selling loose leaf tea flasks at mdtea for a little while now and, after a slow start, they have started to become rather popular, especially as a gift for a friend combined with their favourite blend. 

When you’re on the go and you want a sip of tea then this is the way to get it. Loose leaf tea flasks are very simple to use and great to take to work or to your exercise class, especially yoga, and will stay warm all day.

Here is what Maryse, who introduced the flasks to mdtea, has to say about them:

“This beautiful 350ml stainless steel flask has been specially designed with a fine filter for a loose leaf tea on-the-move. It is the essential accessory for all loose leaf tea lovers. It keeps the tea hot for a few hours. Tea leaves can be brewed several times so just refill with hot water for more tea!”

Light and easy to carry, pop it in your bag and have a relaxing loose leaf tea break anywhere. For a refreshing iced tea, simply put the flask in the fridge.

Now you can buy a flask on our online shop and never be without your favourite brew.